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Custom App Development

Get the customized version of HandyNation app as per your requirement.

Functionalities you can achieve with a
customized HandyNation app


Custom instance of App in your own Language

Currently, the app is available in English only. But if you want to create the app in your own language, we can provide it in a stand-alone app version for you.

Custom Event Features

We can help you customize the event module as per your requirement to make it a one-stop solution for your events. custom features like scan QR/barcode to RSVP/check-in, auto check-in using Geo-location, setup paid tickets, etc.


Custom Survey Features

The survey becomes a crucial part to record the user inputs on the field. This process is different for different organizations or communities. We can customize the survey feature to meet your requirements. i.e: create an activity feed of all the survey responses per user, result representation per your requirement, etc.

Custom CRM tools

Every campaign has different needs. We can customize the existing CRM to fulfill all your different needs. Customizations like custom user filters as per your requirements, customize the user profile look, loading data from external profiles, etc.

Custom permission sets with more levels

If the permission sets given in our existing stock application are not sufficient, we can create the custom permission sets just for you as per your requirement.


Real time donations through the app

If you want to accept real-time donations through the app, we can help you to integrate the gateway of your choice to allow users to do the donations within the app. We can integrate the In-App purchase as well.

Create Action App for your Audience

Basically HandyNation app is more of a control panel app to help admins / managers / volunteers to manage the site / people / donations / events etc. It is a replacement for the NationBuilder control panel. But if you want to create a mobile app for your end-users (replacement of your website), we can help you create such an app. Custom applications like Political activities app, community app, event app, various action apps, etc.

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Why customized version?

Very minimal cost and pay as you grow

You are only paying for the extension of the feature, the majority of the features already exist in the app. It will save thousands of bucks for you.

Proven app by thousands of NB customers

HandyNation app is widely used by NationBuilder customers and it is also featured by NationBuilder in their bundles. So you are in trusted hands.

Most user friendly and secure app

We are known for the best user experience we are providing in our application. Also, security is always a serious concern for us.

Publish app in your app developer accounts

We allow you to publish the app through your own app developer accounts OR we can publish it through our accounts free of cost.

Case studies


Client Want to track all the user interactions happened through NationBuilder survey beyond its limitations

Survey & CRM Modules

Union activists and leaders need access to basic information about the members they are assigned to represent. Our HandyNation app was their preferred solution, with customized fields according to each user’s assigned permission sets.

They also need an easy way to record what concerns are raised and what the outcome was. Our client uses NationBuilder’s survey module to log their members’ concerns, but NationBuilder has limitations with the native survey feature. In particular, NB overrides the survey response from the same user for the same survey, and the client was not able to maintain the records of previous submissions from the same user for the same survey.

We created a custom solution to store all versions of the survey interactions in our cloud and share this stored information as an activity feed in the user log tab. So the Stewards and other union leaders can easily gather all the survey inputs for the user from beginning to date.

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