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Most useful features & tools
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Handy features

Manage all your donors easily with this app

Access your NationBuilder donor database to view individual donations and create new ones quickly. Logging donation for specific person is also possible with HandyNation app.

Creating event is now very easy with this app

We reduce your efforts to create event with NationBuilder. Just few taps in your mobile and your event is up!

Create list of users near by

Get a list of your near by people using geolocation radius and create new NationBuilder list of those people within the app in just 1 click.


Digvijay Chauhan

Awesome app! I was sadly thinking to migrate to another platform due to lack of such mobile tools, but now I’m happy with NationBuilder due to this app. It really reduced many of our efforts in front of PC. It is working smoothly.


Paul Mason

We are a community driven organization and we are using NationBuilder for their events and donation solution, but we usually have to sit in front of PC to manage something. But this app solves this problem. We can manage our events through this app. Good thing for a small organization like us, it was free when we started and now they are charging which we can afford. Good work guys!

Why HandyNation

User Friendly

We know that a large number of people are dealing with backend experience problems with NationBuilder. Hence, our solution focuses to design an improved user experience by using our app.

SSL Secured

We know that security is a prime concern for you all and us both. Hence, we are using industry standard SSL to perform data encryption between your own device and the NationBuilder.

Easy Setup

Setting up HandyNation is quick and easy. No extra apps needed to be installed. Just few clicks and you are done! No more dependencies.

Best Support

We believe in Karma which directly relates to our services. For us support acts as a prime factor that takes us towards the path of our success.

Download app

App is available on both, Google Play Store and Apple App store. Just download by clicking below button or search with “HandyNation” in your app store. We always keep it upto date to support your latest OS and devices.