Empower your nation with the power of Mobile. We enable you to manage your nation using NationBuilder integrated mobile app with easiest and friendly way.

Free NationBuilder App to manage
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HandyNation - As name suggests, this is NationBuilder integrated third party mobile app to manage your nation in your mobile anytime anywhere totally free. This is the solution to thousands of NationBuilder customers who wants to manage their nation using their phone anywhere and we are excited to make their wait over with Handynation app.

Handy Features
Manage your nation anywhere, anytime Free!
Yes, it is free for nationbuilder customer.
Why HandyNation

We know the problems people are facing with NationBuilder's backend, so we mainly focused to create best user experience throughout the app.

User Friendly

We know security is major concern for you, and hence for us too! So we use standard SSL to encrypt data between NationBuilder and your device.

Fully Secure

Setting up HandyNation is quick and easy. No extra apps needed to be installed. Just few clicks and you are done! No more dependencies.

Instant Deployment

We believe in Karma, which directly relates to our services. Providing best support is something we consider as path of our success.

Instant Support
Best support that makes you worry free!

We believe good support is only path to get sustained and grow, and that is why we are taking support services more serious. We have crafted great documentation for our app as well as we mentioned FAQs to get quick solution. For the human support, we are available 12 hours everyday, 6 days in week. Soon it will be 24X7

Before launching our app, we have launched the beta version of the mobile apps. We have shared app to few NationBuilder customers to get their feedback, and check here what they have said about our app.
Digvijay Chauhan
Co-Founder GivingJoy.us

Love This App! GivingJoy is a gratitude sharing platform and we need to administer multiple nations. Swift & simple access to NationBuilder's administration features from a mobile app is HUGE efficiency boost for us. Kudos to Varun & team for a terrific product! Also hats off to NationBuilder for creating an ecosystem of terrific vendors. Eagerly looking forward to the launch of this app.READ MORE

Paul Mason
Operations Coordinator Amandla.Mobi

We are a community driven organization and we are using NationBuilder for their events and donation solution, but we usually have to sit in front of PC to manage the usual task. But this app will solve our problem. Now We can manage our events through this app. Good thing for a small organization like us, it is free to use. Good work guys! READ MORE

Download app

App is available on both, Google Play Store and Apple App store. Just download by clicking below button or search with "HandyNation" in your app store. We always keep it upto date to support your latest OS and devices.