We focused to develop the features which make sense!

Managing people of your nation is more easier like never before. We made editing, deleting and tagging people so easy that a anybody can manage. It also has advanced search engine with filters like lists, tags ,age, location, gender. Create list, log people to list quickly, log donation to people, set their support priorities etc are easy to use features available in this app. The coolest feature is, you can filter people near by your geographical radius defined by you.


With HandyNation, now you can manage basic pages of your nations. You can add/edit/delete pages as well as you can manage the styling of contents using rich content editor*. Preview your page within the app and much more.


NationBuilder provides facility to create different types of blogs to make your website content rich, and we forward all these features to this handy app. Manage your different blog types, your blog posts easily with this app.


Manage all the donations with real time data using this app. You can add new donation as well as you can quickly log donation to specific people.


Now you are able to manage events with this app. Most user friendly way to create events. Find upcoming or past events easily. Fill event venue using map location to make your event creation experience more smoother.

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Yes, it is free for nationbuilder customer.