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We always focus on developing essential features, which make good sense

We have made NationBuilder CRM more easier than it was earlier. Editing, deleting and tagging people becomes game of few clicks now. Even the app is equipped with advanced search engine with necessary filters, such as tags, lists, age, gender and location. You can create lists, log people to created list quickly, log donation to different people, set the priorities associated with their support and several other easily usable features available with this app. The best feature in this case is that you may easily filter people staying nearby your geographical area.


100% NationBuilder integrated canvassing solution to deploy canvassing direct from your NationBuilder control panel. We have used advanced real-time map technology to provide you shortest path for canvassers on the field. The Canvasser can fill the survey on field which will store all the data to NationBuilder account only

Geo List

NationBuilder’s Turf Cut now exclusively available in HandyNation App app. Create list of people within border you draw over the map anytime anywhere from your mobile device.


Seamless NationBuilder integrated, Unique & Exclusive feature developed to help supporters to manage survey on the field. Create unlimited number of survey questions with 3 different options of question types.


Manage all your events quickly using this app which provides a user-friendly way to create, edit and delete events. App offers quick way to enter event venue details just by locating place in map. Save your time to create event using this app on the field.


Unique and exclusive feature which allow you to get the people nearby to your current Geo location. It also give you facility to create NationBuilder list of people nearby X miles by calculating real-time distance from your current Geo location.


Now restrict your staff members to access specific part of your NationBuilder database. You can restrict for full module access or restrict based on specific list or tags.


Content is core part of your successful campaign. With the help of HandyNation, you can easily manage all the contents of your NationBuilder website like blog types, blog posts, basic pages. You can add, edit and delete your posts/pages easily. Also this app provides rich content editor to give style to your contents.


Our innovative app lets you to manage all of your donations on a real-time basis. In this way, you can easily add new donation and log donation to particular people.

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App is available on both, Google Play Store and Apple App store. Just download by clicking below button or search with "HandyNation" in your app store. We always keep it upto date to support your latest OS and devices.