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Getting Started #


These are very basic prerequisites to setup this app as below :

  • NationBuilder admin account with active membership with HandyNation
  • Smart phone, either android phone with android version-19 (kitkat) or iOS with iOS 8+ required
  • Install iOS or android app

Just 2 simple steps, and you are done!

Step 1: Download

Download app from Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

Step 2: Sign up

  • Insert your main nation slug
  • Authorize your nation with admin account
  • You are done!

During this process, if you get any error, please check our Troubleshooting section for more help.

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Last updated on June 12, 2018
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People #

Add new people(person).

When you open the app for the first time, by default you will have people list as a default layout. To add new people, just click on plus sign on bottom right corner and fill all the required details to add new user. We have used all the writable fields offered by the NationBuilder. For more information on writable fields, please refer NationBuilder documentation.

Update existing person.

Click on any person from the default/filtered list, you will get person profile screen. Here you can see ‘Edit’ link on top right corner, just click on it and you will get the full form with all available fields to edit user details.

Add or remove tag to the person.

Adding tag to any person is very easy now. Just open person’s profile screen where you can find + sign click on it. Add tag in pop up and you are done! If you want to remove any tag, you can find x sign just after the tag name (before the tag name for iOS), clicking on it will delete that tag name for that person.

Create new people list.

List in NationBuilder is fixed collection of users defined by admin to perform certain operation on those number of users. Through this app you can easily create new list for people. To do so, from main people screen just click on list tab where you can find list of all the available list. Just click on + sign in bottom footer and add namely list and you are done.

Easily make grouping of person by simply adding to the List (via Action).

If you want to add any user to list then open that users profile and click on action button where you will find option “Add to List” which gives you drop down to select the list. Just select desired list name and your user will be added to that list automatically.

Person becomes volunteer, by simply switch on/off.

Making a person volunteer is just one click press now. Reach to user profile, where you can find volunteer switch, just on/off it to make him volunteer or not.

Easy to perform quick actions for the person, like Log donation, Log-Contact, Support-Level, Private-Note, Set-Priority.

Important user centric actions like Log contact, Log donation, Change support level, put private note and set priority for the users are now very wuick to perform with HandyNation app. Just click on action icon in right footer are on person‘s profile screen where you can select any of actions mentioned. In the video you can find specific action in real time.

One click to Redirect person to their social accounts or web-pages.

You can check social media profiles of any person by clicking on social ,Edina icons in user’s profile very quickly.

Easy to check email duplication of person (in Edit Section).

When you are creating new user through app and you are not sure if this person with specific Email I’d exist or not. To overcome with this issue, we have provided unique email validation which you can check immediately after inserting Email.

One tap to remove person from the list.
Simply get a list of your nearby people.

If you want a list of all users near by you(admin) within specific variable radius, you can get this using this app. Simply select the Near by tab, and select the radius you want users from it will automatically list users from that location.

Filter users with tags

If you want a list of all users having specific tag, you can get this by going to Tags tab and select the tag you want to get filter for.

Search People via first-name last-name.

You can search whole user database with user’s first name and last name. To do so, on top you can find the search box, just type key word to search and it will list out all the users who has that keyword exit in first name or last name.

Search People with advanced search fields City, State, Birth-Date, and Gender.

Search exact person by applying various filters in advance search filter of handynation. You can apply filters like City, State, Birth-date and Gender. To do so, when you click on search box, there you will find a option to open advance search. Which will pop up a form to select various options. Just select those options which will search out the nationbuilder database with those filters.

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Last updated on May 24, 2018
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Donations #

Displaying list of your nation donors.

This app can provide you list of all the donors. To get this list, just click on navigation, open Donations menu. Here you will get list of all the donors with amount they have donated and tracking code of the donation.

Add new donor, Update existing donor, or you can also delete the donor.

You can add new donor just by clicking + sign in donor list. It will allow you to add primary details requried for any donors to manage. You can edit these donors by clicking on their profile and click on Edit button on top right corner.

Single Tap to get Detail of donor.

You can see all the details related to specific donor and his transaction by tapping specific donor’s record.

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Last updated on April 18, 2018
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Events #

Basic Event filter by Upcoming and Past events.

Get list of all your events with filter like upcoming and past event. To get event for specific nation, open toggle menu, select specific nation from sites and you will get site specific option menu where you can find events. Just click on it and you will get list of all the events with filter as explained.

Add new event, Updating existing event or destroy event.

You can create event quickly with this app. Within events section, you can find +Add link on top right corner. You will get form to create event by clicking on this. In this form, the address can be get using google map rather than writing down manually. *the automatic address mapping is available and accurate to specific countries according to google map.

Tap to see event details.

Get event details by tapping on specific event on listing. Event details contains events title, description, venue and timing as well as the number of subscribers. The address will automatically show the visual map location here.

Get event venue Direction with google map.

In event detail page just click on event direction and you will get directions to event venue using google map.

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Last updated on May 15, 2018
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Pages #

Displaying list of pages.

You are able to manage content of your Basic type pages through HandyNation app. You can control these pages quickly by just on/off switch to publish or unpublish. To get list of pages, reach to specific site from left navigation, where you will find a section called pages. You will get a list of all the pages and can directly publish/unpublish them within list.

Get instant preview of specific page.

If you want to preview the specific page to make sure you are on same page, just click on preview button, which will show you front end preview of that page in web layout.

View, Add, Update, Delete page.

To check page details, just click on any page from listing where you can see all the contents of the page. If you want to edit the page, just click on top right edit link where you will get the form with rich content editor to edit the contents. In fact you can delete the page from here as well as just add new page by clicking on + sign.

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Last updated on April 18, 2018
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Blogs #

Displaying list of nation’s blogs.

Get list of all the blog types list with HandyNation app. To get this list reach to specific site’s dashboard where you can find section called Blogs. This will open a list of different blogs type list like blog, issues, news etc. Every blog type has written the number of post in that specific blog type.

One tape to add new Blog.

If you want to create new blog type then you can create this with HandyNation quickly. Just reach to listing of blog types where you can find the + Add button on top right corner. Just click on it and you will get form to add new blog type.

Update or destroy Blog.

You can update any blog type by clicking on specific blog from blog type listing page which will give you blog type details and list of blog post. If you want to edit details for this blog type you can do by clicking on Edit button from top right corner. If you want to delete the blog type you can do it from blog edit page by clicking on top right button called Delete.

Add new Post, Update your current Post.

Every blog post type has number of blog posts within which you can access by clicking on specific blog type record. You can also view the number of blog post this blog type owns. If you want to add new blog pist within, just click on + sign button in right bottom corner which will give you form to add new. If you want to edit the existing post, just tape specific blog post from blog type detail screen where you can see details about that blog and you can edit it by clicking on top right corner button called Edit.

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Last updated on April 18, 2018
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Settings #

Here you can see name of your nation slug.

This the setting where you can see yoir nation details you are subscribed for.

FeedBack, Documentation, Support, Rating, About-Us page you can find it here.

Feedback – here you can provide your valuable feedback to us. We take it very serious because we want to listen to our customers to provide them what they want.

Support – If you have any query or concern, you can easily reach out to us with various support options. Either raise pre-sale queries or use chat/ticket system to get technical support.

Documentation : You can review whole documentation withing your app.

Rating – please provide your ratings on App Store if you are happy with this app.

About us – You can read more about HandyNation and about us from here.

If you want to change your nation, you can simply sign out here, and proceed with new slug.
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Last updated on April 30, 2018
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Troubleshooting #

Invalid licence error – if nation is not registered

You should get this error when you authorised your nation by logging to your nation but you are not registered with our website. So please register your self here.

You are not authorised to login to nation – for staff account

If you are continuously getting login authorization failed please make sure you are using the admin account to authorize, because currently we only supports admin users to access this app. We are working to extend with staff account in future.

Not active nation- for wrong slug entered

The Nation slug what you have entered may not the right NationBuilder slug, so please double check your entered slug.

This app is not registered for use by this nation.

When you get this type of error while processing authentication of your nation, make sure you are trying to login using the Admin credentials. Because NationBuilder app will not allow any user who is not admin type. For this, please contact your Nation admin to provide you sufficient permission.

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Last updated on May 10, 2018
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