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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you NationBuilder?

No, we are not NationBuilder ourselves. Instead, we are a certified NationBuilder agency dedicated to design apps and tools for its customers. Currently, we act as third-party type of paid service provider for your NationBuilder account.

Are you Secure?

Yes, as reliability and security form the base of our products and we show seriousness in case of security. We encrypted the data between the NationBuilder and our app via SSL and it only remains in NationBuilder and the device.

Do you store NationBuilder data?

No, we do not store any data. We simply exchange data between NationBuilder and your devices.

What are the technical requirement for HandyNation?

You only have to get admin access to the NationBuilder account and your android or iphone device. Nothing more!

What is "People" and how it is calculated?

We refer people as complete database of users which you can see under NationBuilder’s people section. We calculate people based on what returns on NationBuilder via API.

How free trial works?

Free trial allows you to access all the features till 1 month without asking you to add the credit card. Before 5 days of subscription expires, you will start getting the reminder emails to continue the paid plan and you will ask for setting up your payment details. So it is totally safe to try for free trial period.

Multiple users can use this app? Does it cost extra?

Don’t worry, we charge based on sites and people database, not based on user licenses. So you can have N numbers of admin/staff accounts, and everyone can use this app for all the sites you subscribed for.

What is "Number of sites"?

The number of sites are the total number of sub-nations(sites) you have created to your nationbuilder account. You have the flexibility to choose which and how many sites you would like to sign up for. The price changes based on the number of sites you are selecting.

Do we have any annual plan?

Sorry, but at this moment we have monthly plan only. For the licenses in bulk, feel free to contact us on

What are the payment methods?

We are using Stripe payment gateway and supports all major credit cards.

How upgrade/downgrade works?

If you want to add more nations to your subscription, you can add anytime within your app by just following the same way as explained the above case. The revised amount will be reflected on the next bill. If you want to remove any nation from subscription, you can do this too! For downgrading option, you will not get the refund for the amount charged for the duration between revised date and the next billing date.

How billing will be calculated if people get increased in mid month of subscription?

If your people database gets increased to next level before the next billing cycle, your billing amount will be changed based on people count, and it will adjust the billing amount in next generated bill.

Let’s say, currently you have user database of 4890 people and selected 1 site which will cost you $9, and now your user database gets increased to 5120 in few days (let’s say 14 days) the subscription month starts, you will get notification to upgrade the membership immediately when you open the app. Upgrading the membership will change the monthly subscription amount to next level membership amount. For our case explained here will start to charge $19 now onward in place of $9. As of now, we are suffering the upgraded membership cost for the period between upgraded date and billing date, but this can be changed in future.

If you have any query related to this, feel free to reach out to us at